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Leopard Resources is a service company operating exclusively within the energy sector.

We believe in deep technical expertise (from geophysics to drilling) to be in a position to take sound decisions and recommendations for our clients, leading to:

(i) improved operations,

(ii) successful transactions which we can support from origination to execution,

(iii) critical financing (debt and/or equity),

We provide independent, strategic, legal, technical and commercial advice, as well as project management support. Our tailor made solutions adapt to our clients needs.

Our key partners allow us to provide some unique solutions to acquire, develop and finance stranded and undeveloped assets.

Our core geographical focus is EMEA where our team members have an unique and unsurpassed track record of managing successful operations, leading transformative transactions and major financing in their own previous companies over the last 30 years.


LR support your operations (Drilling, Facilities,...) for execution and planning.


  • Integrated Operations Management System

  • Production flow regulation

  • Maintenance planning

  • Process safety

  • Production availability and optimisation

  • Manifold, terminal & pipeline maintenance

  • Process control equipment and systems maintenance 


  • Well integrity management

  • Wireline logging operations

  • Well intervention operations

  • Casing and cementing

  • Land, platform and offshore rigs operations

  • Wellhead and well maintenance planning

  • Tubular equipment design

  • Construction, workover and abandonment

  • Well completion design

  • Cementing, completion and drilling fluids

  • Well control

  • High Pressure High Temperature (HPHT) operations


LR team members use their past experience to support fast track oil & gas field development and/or asset redevelopment.

Staged development are usually recommended to reduce upfront capex exposure and subsurface risks.

LR support yyour team in the following area of expertise:

  • Economics and Planning

  • Reserves booking

  • Field Development Plan

  • Geology

  • Geophysics

  • Petrophysics

  • Reservoir engineering

  • Production technology - Completion

  • Facilities 

  • Drilling

M&A (incl. New ventures)

LR can deliver transformational corporate M&A transactions. LR team members have successfully executed varied and complex cross-border M&As for both public and private companies.

LR use its O&G sector experience to identify targets, negotiate deals and support on integration. 

LR service offering includes identifying buyers, and negotiating with potential purchasers to maintain competitive tension, project management and deal execution.

  • Strategic corporate advice

  • Deal origination

  • Managing relationships

  • Valuations of target companies

  • Facilitating negotiations

  • Assisting with transaction documentation

  • Mapping and managing shareholders

  • Transaction timing, structure, coordination and management

  • Financing options and solutions


LR supports its clients in managing their businesses across their capital structure providing the critical link between companies and investors.


LR can arrange finance for common and preferred equity, mezzanine and senior debt. LR have excellent relationships with various capital providers through our extensive network of EMEA and asiatic institutions, wealth managers and family offices.

LR maintain a regular, meaningful dialogue – to ensure that we know what these investors are looking for while they enjoy the confidence that we will bring them only relevant, investment-ready proposals. This requires rigorous diligence on our part and, where necessary, cleaning up the balance sheet and re-calibrating the investment case.

LR work with our technical advisers to gain an independent view of reserves, resources and returns. This can enable us to facilitate equity investment and debt facilities beyond those generally available from other capital providers.


LR offer significant experience in assisting private companies to structure their IPO to ensure they maximise value and are optimally placed to execute their business plan, post-IPO.

  • Public and private capital raising advice, preparation, and management

  • Direct public and private capital raising

  • Equity, mezzanine, debt

  • Wide range of relationships: institutions, hedge funds, family offices, private equity, sovereign wealth funds, trading companies

  • Capital structure advice

  • Pre-IPO structuring

  • Listing strategy and stock exchange advice

  • Establishing a post-IPO corporate development strategy

  • Marketing advice and marketing material preparation


LR’s expertise derives from our decades of upstream O&G experience working across multiple jurisdictions in the EMEA region. 


LR differentiates itself from its peers through the unique combination of operational, commercial and financial expertise which it is able to call upon in assisting its clients to maximise their business performance.

LR is always conscious of each client’s long-term business strategy and will work to deliver shareholder aspirations regarding planned monetisation points. LR recognise that this can be achieve either through exit or by reaching key milestones that allow for the fresh injection of capital as project lifecycles evolve.


Growing value requires a clear and robust strategy coupled with sharply focussed execution. LR team of specialists has an established track record of delivering commercially strategic projects and can provide the analytical insights and management frameworks to ensure value creation. Legal and financial due diligence are critical parts of any transaction, but the greatest risk is strategic – misunderstanding the market, acquiring the wrong target or failing to integrate successfully.

  • Growth and new market entry

  • Full strategic review

  • Financial and strategic alternatives

  • Independent asset and corporate valuations

  • Detailed economic modelling

  • Reinvigorating board & management

  • Board composition reviews

  • Commodity off-take and marketing

  • Restructuring

  • Developing buyer and seller networks

  • Identifying joint venture partners

  • Debt structuring and consortium modelling

  • Developing project framework and key commercial documentation to support in engagement with host governments

  • Support in negotiating key commercial documentation for the establishment of partnerships and determining the business case to develop consortium

  • Consortium and joint venture management, governance and facilitation


LR selected teams of smart financial analysts and graphics designers that will develop all your communications collaterals ( such as results presentations, factsheets, Investor Relations report to the Board, newsletters). They are fully equipped to conduct peer group benchmarking, Investor Relations audits, financial modelling, etc.


Based on a secure cloud-based infrastructure, this  value-added service offering will help you save time, money and hassle so that you can concentrate on what is really important: engaging with your stakeholders.

  • IR audit & peer benchmarking

  • IR report to Sr Management

  • Message abosrption analysis

  • Sell side analysis

  • Perception study

  • Financial modelling

  • Investor day support

  • Company story development

  • Customized infographics

  • Bespoke research & analysis

  • Investor & earnings presentation

  • Corporate presentation

  • Factsheet

  • Newsletters

  • Annual report

  • Financial ad

Our services
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